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Let’s not allow any room for racial or religious conflicts! Develop unity amongst all peoples! – JVP




The statement by the JVP Political Bureau states:

Let’s not allow any room for racial or religious conflicts! Develop unity amongst all peoples!

Our beloved Motherland and all masses including the Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim Burgher and Malay masses that live in it are confronted with the disastrous consequences of grave social, economic and political crises. It is the public that is worst affected by the crises that are continually worsening daily.

On one hand masses are distressed economically as living conditions of people are worsened due to increase in prices of commodities though salaries are not increased and people’s earnings dwindle. On the other hand local producers and businesses tumble due to multi-national companies being allowed to gobble up our economy. Also, attempts are being made to manipulate the judiciary jeopardizing democracy and thereby allowing imperialist foreign forces to act against the country making use of human rights issues and internal conflicts. There is a remarkable increase in crime within the country. Under such an environment all masses in our country are distressed and inconvenienced. Meanwhile, a tendency is surfacing to inflame communalist and religious clashes in the country.

It would be a debacle if differences and clashes are created among masses for whatever reason or by any group at a time when all masses that are aggrieved should be united to confront the real crises we are confronted with.

None of us should forget how the path for a separatist war was paved due to stirring up of Sinhalese – Tamil communalism and also creating communal disturbances on numerous occasions during the past several decades.

Those who were distressed due to the separatist war that continued for more than 30 years were not those who sowed communalism for their power hunger but the innocent Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim and other masses. Thousands of lives were lost due to the separatist war and the value of assets destroyed cannot be valued. It is no secret how India and imperialist foreign forces made use of the separatist war to interfere in Sri Lanka’s internals issues. This was the cause for an invasion by the Indian army. Even today imperialist forces are making use of incidents in the separatist war to intervene in affairs of Sri Lanka.

As a Nation that had confronted such a tragedy and had experienced its disastrous nature it is the responsibility of all of us not to pave room for another such conflict. Emergence of a communalist or religious conflict before the bitter memories of a separatist war that was created due to sowing of communalism in the country which have been blotted out would bring in very disastrous results. This is why all those masses who follow any religion should not allow any religious extremism. It is the imperialist foreign forces, reactionary forces and ruling gangs that repress masses that take advantage by creating or allowing religious or any other contradictions.

The public in our country including the farming community are confronted with a shortage of lands and land issues. Instead of solving this issue by providing land to the masses the rulers in the country hand over thousands of acres to multi-national companies.

The local producers and the businessmen are confronted with the problem of continuing their industries and businesses. However, the government that should provide relief to local industries is burdening them with taxes while providing relief to multi-national companies and allowing them to gobble local industries.

If anyone acts in a manner that would create clashes and conflicts among communities instead of recognizing the real issues that are before us and act to defeat them, it would only be advantageous not to the masses but to the reactionary forces. It would blot out the real issues and also protect the real offenders.

Hence, we should not be a party that gives rise to religious or communalist extremism that paves the way for religious and communalist conflicts and clashes that creates and leads to disunity among communities but act to defeat such attempts and build unity amongst all communities.

We call upon all Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher, Malay and Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, Christian, Catholic masses in the country, who have suffered from a more than 30 year old war, not to be emotional but think intelligently, recognize the true issues confronted by the masses and come forward to overcome them by building unity among people.



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