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SLMC alarmed by religious intolerance




The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress has, in a resolution unanimously adopted on Saturday, noted ‘with grave concern the intensity and widespread religious intolerance’.

The following is the partial text of the Resolutions unanimously adopted at the 24th Delegates’ Conference of the SLMC:

Whereas, the founding objectives of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress include to ensure that Sri Lanka is pluralistic, undivided and united within which all communities could live equally with due participation in decision making and due access to state power through satisfactory sharing of power through devolution.

And whereas the SLMC notes with grave concern the intensity and widespread religious intolerance that are being unleashed and spread unchecked, the attempts to stall progress in devolution, the attempts by different elements to scuttle and abrogate the existing devolution by weakening the provincial council system and also to even abolish the provincial council system and the lack of focus in resettling those in protracted displacement.

Therefore we the Delegates of the SLMC resolve as a matter of priority the SLMC concentrates on the following:

That the SLMC shall take every possible step to influence and prevail upon the government to address immediately the issue of religious intolerance and propagation of hate-speech and to ensure that all religions and places of worships are protected and every religious practice and customs are safeguarded and permitted to the satisfaction to the followers of each religion.

Source : http://www.island.lk

It’s time to unite against fascists!



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