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A logical response to Fascist Shenali Waduge


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While mother Sri Lanka is plagued with many dark ultra racist forces, we found that there are silent individuals who are spreading racism on the mainstream media pretending to be professional journalists… Shenali Waduge the new hate cancer hiding behind the pen.

In many of her articles, she spreads hidden messages of hatred. Latest articles such as “Rizana – Another Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry Failure”, “Call for a Public Inquiry on the Law College Entrance Exam Results” & most profoundly racist article “Laws and Religion – some concerns of Sinhala Buddhists”, are good example of her racist views.

We hail Hameed Abdul Karim for his logical, clear thinking and non-fascist response to her article,


This is rather a defensive response although it seems coming out of a clear thinking mind. We urge all of you to stand against and oppose fascist journalist such as Shenali Waduge who herself a shame to her religion and a shame to her nation because of her fascism of spreading hatred.

Wake up to stand against fascism in Sri Lanka!


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  1. Ifthikhar Aziz says:

    Shenali Waduge and her ilk conveniently forget that it was two Muslim countries that came to Sri Lanka’s assistance in bringing the war to a close -Iran & Pakistan. True,it was HE the President,together with his brother Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa swho gave the leadership to this victory but good and decent human beings always give credit to those who come to assist us in our hour of need.

    Sri Lanka earns TWO BILLION US DOLLARS from remittances from Sri Lankans employed in the middle east, most of our tea goes to Muslim countries and 98% of our requirements of oil that keeps our nation going comes from Muslim countries.

    They dont want Halal certification? So be it. We Muslims can continue to live by the tenets of our religion,including complying with Halal and Haram injunctions,without this certification. How much will Sri Lanka lose by way of the cessation of halal exports and tourism???

    All decent and good natured Sri Lankans from all faiths need to rise up against these dangerous extremist forces that threaten to take our beloved nation on a path of destruction and annihilation. We Muslims are as loyal to Sri Lanka as others. We do not seek a division of our beloved country or create unnecessary divisions. WE just want to live in peace and be allowed to practise our religion in peace with no hindrance to others.May sanity prevail.

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