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FACTLESS Shenali Waduge article gets FACTFULL response from HAK




UAF SL asks its followers be mindful of the hate spreading article by Shenali Waduge who is unleashing her hatred through professionally tailored journalism…

We challenge her to back her claims with facts not with her beautified words!

This time it’s Rizana Saga and hail Hameed Abdul Kareem again for his response.

Responding to ‘The Rizana Saga’
CEYLON TODAY – 21/01/2013
(Written by Shenali Waudge)

by Hameed Abdul Karim

Reading Shenali Waduge’s article titled ‘The Rizana Saga…’ in Ceylon Today
dated Thursday 17 January, 2013 I got the impressions that the writer had
changed tacks and had had a change of heart, especially when she blamed the
External Affairs Ministry for the plight of our women in the Middle-East
and the Gulf.

But when I got towards the end of the piece I realised I was sadly mistaken
and I got this suspicion that it wasn’t any concern for poor Rizana’s
family’s that motivated her to write but rather she found an opening in her
family’s plight to indulge in her favourite pastime of punching Muslims and
their faith.

‘Fellow Muslims’

Under the sub headline ‘Fellow Muslims have failed’ she displays here
detestation for Islam and Muslims when she complains that Muslims had
failed to financially help Rizana’s family. But her bluff is exposed in her
digression where she says ‘mosques are coming up all over Sri Lanka like
mushrooms, when money is thrown to somehow push for Sharia laws to be
implemented in Sri Lanka, when rigid extremism of Islam is appearing to
signal danger signs for the country…’ . Of course, she doesn’t give us any
sources for her inflammatory suppositions and we simply have to rely on her
fertile imagination for her baseless claims.

I am fairly well acquainted with what’s happening in the country, and I can
assure your readers that mosques are not sprouting like ‘mushrooms’ and
neither is there a campaign to somehow push for the implementation of Sharia law in the country. And I can say with firm conviction that Muslims
are not ‘throwing’ money to implement Sharia law. There would be no sense
in doing such a stupid thing. Aspects of Sharia law already exist in our
statutes under different guises and if the writer can only get hold of
books on the Sharia’s contribution to international law written by our own
Judge Weeramantry, of international fame, it might change her mind set on
the issue of Sharia if not Muslims.

Prof John Makdisi

Allow me to point out at least one of the many contributions the Sharia has
made to legal system in England for example. John Makdisi, Professor of law at Harvard had said ‘the Islamic legal system (Sharia) was far superior to
the primitive legal system of England before the birth of the Common Law.
It was natural for the more primitive system to look to the more
sophisticated one as it developed three institutions that played a major
role in creating the common law. The action of debt, the assize of novel
dissension and trial by jury introduced mechanisms *for a more
rational,* *sophisticated
legal process that existed only in Islamic law (Sharia) at that time.

Prof. John Makdisi goes on to say ‘the study of the characteristics of the
function and structure of Islamic law (Sharia) demonstrates its remarkable
kinship with the Common Law in contrast to the civil law. *Finally, one
cannot forget the opportunity for the transplant of the (legal) mechanisms
from Islam through Sicily to Norman England in the twelfth century *(emphasis

‘Danger Signs’
The writer’s contention that ‘rigid extremism of Islam is appearing to
signal danger signs for the country’ is completely misplaced. The ‘danger
signals’ lie elsewhere if only Ms. Waduge can see them. The other day we heard a Buddhist monk screaming *‘ado thambiya’* many times at an
individual and then to add insult to injury we had the media guys asking
him if he was a Muslim in such a combative manner that it suggested that being a Muslim was equal to being a criminal. As it turned out the
individual was a Sinhala Buddhist. His only ‘fault’ was that he had a
beard. We had the destruction of a Muslim shrine at Anuradhapura not to
mention the disgraceful ‘disrobing’ of a monk in front of a young girl
during the attack at the mosque in Dambulla led by the chief prelate of the
Buddhist temple in the vicinity in the presence of police personnel. We
have had attacks on churches and kovils. In Trincomalee Mahatma Gandhi’s statue was destroyed. There have been reports that Christian priests have been assaulted in public for preaching their faith. Up until today there has been no legal action against the perpetrators of these violations. This is where the danger signs lie, if you are impartial enough to give these
violations some serious and sensible thoughts.

House maids
Ms. Waduge’s comparison to Rizana’s ‘execution’ and the protests over the
derogatory movie about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) is
inconsistent with the fact that the former was a tragedy whilst the latter
was an insult to the faith of Muslims.

I agree with the writer when she says that the authorities should do
something to stop our women going overseas for employment. The absence of mothers from their homes is creating chaos in families and anyone with a
sense of social consciousness will readily agree that something drastic
must be done immediately to stop our women from going abroad for employment.

We must also remember that over a hundred thousand of our women work in the Middle East and the Gulf region. And often times we hear negative stories of some unscrupulous employer abusing our house maids. What we fail to see is, barring a few bad apples, the Arabs have treated our people very
humanely. But sunshine stories don’t get into the media. The bad ones do.
Remember the story of the ‘nailed’ housemaid? We were quick take her word and blamed her employer, but it turned out the woman had got the nails put into her body with a view to get some financial benefits. When this aspect of the story leaked out it was quick to die a natural death.


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  1. deepthi says:

    A very good response. Shenali’s writings reveal the kind of person she is.
    Fortunately the majority of the Sinhala people aren’t like her.

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