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Nimal Siripala warns racism could be Lanka’s undoing


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Source : The Island

By Don Asoka Wijewardena

Irrigation and Water Resources Minister, Nimal Siripala de Silva said last week that racism was an unpleasant thing which would lead the nation towards degeneration of human qualities and destruction. It would neither pay good dividends nor bring prosperity to the nation.

The ultimate goal of racism would be complete segregation of the communities and cause hostility among them. If the country was devoid of racism, all the communities would be able live in harmony and peaceful co-existence could be achieved, he said at the offering of the Villuwa tank, rehabilitated at a cost of Rs. 10.6 million, to the Mahyanganaya Raja Maha Viharaya.

Minister de Silva said that the Viluwa tank had not been rehabilitated for the last 60 years. Although the authorities had requested successive governments to rehabilitate it, the request had fallen on deaf years. In 2010 the authorities asked him to rehabilitate the wewa and it was rehabilitated retaining its pristine beauty within two years. It was a meritorious act of the present government, he said.

President Mahinda Rakjapaksa stamped out terrorism in the country and created a peaceful society. The people in Sri Lanka and the politicians had many commitments towards the nation, he said adding that the Lord Buddha visited Sri Lanka to settle a conflict between two groups. To achieve success in development, prosperity and peaceful-coexistence among all communities, the people should have a vision, he said.

Minister de Silva pointed out that the Buddhists were never the rabble-rousers of racism. But various elements were trying to rouse racism in the minds of the people. A special Parliamentary Select Committee was formed to find the elements behind the campaign. The government wished to obtain views of all the political parties on the racism issue, he said.

We welcome concrete laws and action plan to wipe out racism.


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